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1.1.2 Topics Covered in Other NCLC Treatises

This treatise comprehensively covers affirmative litigation against abusive debt collectors, but it cannot cover all areas of consumer law. Other relevant manuals published by NCLC include:

  • Collection Actions provides a comprehensive guide to consumer defenses, counterclaims, and other strategies in response to debt collection lawsuits filed against a consumer; this treatise also sets out extensive consumer rights to respond to post-judgment creditor remedies;
  • Fair Credit Reporting discusses the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other laws applying to credit furnishers such as debt collectors;
  • Federal Deception Law contains an extensive chapter analyzing all aspects of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which provides strong private remedies for robocalls and other unwanted calls; this treatise also examines the regulation of debt relief and debt settlement services;
  • Foreclosure and Mortgage Servicing covers mortgage servicing, mortgage modifications, and home foreclosures;
  • Repossessions deals with the seizure of personal property, including cars, manufactured homes, and personal property;
  • Student Loan Law addresses collection of federal and private student loans;
  • Consumer Class Actions provides step-by-step instructions on all aspects of bringing a consumer class action;
  • Consumer Arbitration Agreements examines approaches to defeat a binding arbitration clause that a collector may rely on to avoid court litigation; and
  • Surviving Debt provides guidance to consumers and advocates about how to deal with debt.

Additionally, NCLC maintains a digital collection of over 2000 consumer law pleadings that can be accessed at for subscribers to Consumer Law Pleadings.