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Highlight Updates The FDCPA Case Connector

A special new feature of Fair Debt Collection’s digital version is the “FDCPA Case Connector” that allows rapid display of relevant case summaries from the over twelve thousand found in Appendix E, infra. Appendix E is a unique resource only found with this treatise—summaries by topic for all significant FDCPA decisions since the statute was first enacted.

The FDCPA Case Connector allows identification and display of relevant FDCPA case summaries by any combination of the plaintiff or defendant names, the court, the date, the citation, key words, or the Appendix E subsection. Searches can be further narrowed to include only recently added case summaries.

Once a summary is displayed, the FDCPA Case Connector allows immediate linking to other summaries for the same decision, other summaries on the same topic, and summaries of related decisions for that case. All decisions and summaries meeting a search criteria are displayed, and this listing or portions of it can be copy/pasted into documents.