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This treatise is designed to help lawyers and paralegals representing consumers who are victims of abusive debt collection practices. It may also be useful to debt collection professionals as a part of their legal compliance efforts.

The chapters of the treatise are divided as follows:

  • • Chapter 1 provides information about the types of entities involved in debt collection and an overview of the process of debt collection;
  • • Chapter 2 details how to prepare a suit for debt collection abuse;
  • • Chapters 3 through 12 discuss the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) as follows:
  • ○ Chapter 3 provides an overview of the development of the FDCPA, amendments, and regulatory authority;
  • ○ Chapter 4 outlines coverage under the FDCPA;
  • ○ Chapters 5 through 10 discuss claims under specific sections of the FDCPA;
  • ○ Chapter 11 details FDCPA remedies and other issues arising in litigation; and
  • ○ Chapter 12 summarizes different defenses and counterclaims likely be raised by debt collectors;
  • • Chapter 13 discusses claims in and related to bankruptcy;
  • • Chapter 14 outlines other possible federal claims consumers may wish to file;
  • • Chapter 15 discusses different tort remedies that may be available under state law; and
  • • Chapter 16 summarizes other state law remedies that may be available to consumers.

The appendices of this treatise include the following content:

  • • Appendix A contains the text of the FDCPA and the full text of a 1977 U.S. Senate report about the FDCPA;
  • • Appendix B contains summaries of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau interpretations and guidance on the FDCPA;
  • • Appendix C contains Federal Trade Commission advisory opinions, a list of informal staff letters, and the staff commentary on the FDCPA;
  • • Appendix D provides a state-by-state summary of state debt collection statutes;
  • • Appendix E contains over twelve thousand FDCPA case summaries: applicable case summaries can be instantly located using the “FDCPA Case Connector” that is included with a subscription;
  • • Appendix F describes practice aids, pleadings, and primary sources available online;
  • • Appendix G lists debt collection abbreviations; and
  • • Appendix H contains a list of websites related to debt collection.