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Highlight Updates Additional Digital Pleadings, Primary Sources, and Practice Tools

The digital version of this treatise includes pleadings and discovery, practice tools, and primary sources. They are fully searchable. Search filters tailored separately for pleadings and discovery, for primary sources, and for practice tools facilitates pinpointing material with or without use of a keyword search.

The digital primary sources include prior versions of the FCRA, full versions of the FTC staff opinion letters, CFPB interpretations, full reproductions of FTC enforcement orders, and additional documents used by the credit reporting industry. The companion material available with the digital version also includes all of the Federal Register notices for FCRA regulations and interpretations, including the proposed and final rules for regulations that have already been issued, as well as current outstanding proposals.

The extra materials also include sample litigation documents: motions, discovery requests, closing statements from a jury trial, and jury instructions. Most pleadings are available in Microsoft Word format. Over 2000 additional pleadings are available digitally in NCLC’s Consumer Law Pleadings.