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We are especially grateful to Eric Secoy for editorial supervision; Geoff Walsh, Emily Green Caplan, Kurt Terwilliger, Kristina Ketchel, Mary Kingsley for their substantive work, as well as legal research and writing; Josh Ambre for editorial assistance, cite checking and organizing the online companion materials; Scribe for typesetting and composition services; and iFactory and Codearium for designing and developing the online version of this treatise.

Thanks also to the many individuals who assisted with the first five editions of this volume and their supplements. In addition, Consumer Warranty Law is adapted from Sales of Goods and Services, and we are indebted to everyone who worked on that volume as well, including the authors Yvonne Rosmarin, Margaret Rigg, and Richard Alpert.

The American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws provided permission to reprint portions of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Allen Agnitti, a Massachusetts attorney, for many years provided valuable contributions to many of the National Consumer Law treatises. Allen passed away this year and we dedicate this title in his memory.