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Neither the Food and Drug Administration’s inaction regarding mercury levels in fish, nor a letter in which it espoused preemption, resulted in preemption of a state failure-to-warn claim.366 State law claims concerning misstatements on a nutritional label are not preempted by the federal nutritional labeling law,367 at least as long as they seek to enforce only the federal requirements.368 Some courts hold that the FDA nutritional labeling rules do not preempt a claim based on a manufacturer’s voluntary issuance of a warranty.369 But another court held that a warranty claim could not be based on a label that had been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture under the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Poultry Products Inspection Act.370

While federal regulation of cigarettes preempts a number of types of claims, it does not preempt an express warranty claim based on the manufacturer’s advertisements.371 Implied warranty claims against cigarette manufacturers may also escape preemption.372 But the Fifth Circuit has held that an express warranty claim cannot be based on a cigarette manufacturer’s use of descriptive terms required by the Federal Trade Commission.373


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