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Highlight Updates Required Statement of Estimated Gas Mileage

Federal law requires manufacturers to disclose estimated gas mileage on the Monroney sticker that must be affixed to every new vehicle sold in the United States.330 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which enforces the statute, has detailed standards regulating how the mileage is to be calculated.331 In addition, the FTC has issued a guide regarding advertisement of fuel economy to consumers.332

The statute regulating the Monroney sticker states that the EPA mileage disclosure does not create an express warranty.333 When there is a federal standard in effect, federal law preempts state laws regarding fuel economy standards,334 and a state may adopt or enforce a law regarding disclosure of fuel economy only if it is identical to the federal requirement.335 If a manufacturer makes misleading statements in advertisements that go beyond those disclosures, however, the federal statute does not preempt UDAP claims.336


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