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1.4.4 UCC Treatises

The academic literature on the UCC is voluminous. The following are some of the available treatises:

  • ● Robert A. Hillman, Robert S. Summers, & James J. White, Uniform Commercial Code (6th ed. 2012);
  • ● Ronald A. Anderson, Uniform Commercial Code (3d ed. 1994);
  • ● Patricia F. Fonseca & John R. Fonseca, The Law of Modern Commercial Practices (2d rev. ed. 2014) (looseleaf with updates);
  • ● Patricia F. Fonseca & John R. Fonseca, Williston on Sales (5th ed. 2005);
  • ● William Henning & George Wallach, The Law of Sales Under the Uniform Commercial Code (rev. ed. 1992) (looseleaf with updates);
  • ● William A. Hancock, The Law of Purchasing (Second) (1986) (looseleaf with updates);
  • ● William D. Hawkland, Uniform Commercial Code Series (1982) (looseleaf with updates);
  • ● Thomas M. Quinn, Uniform Commercial Code Commentary and Law Digest (rev. 2d ed. 2009).