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1.4.3 Used Goods

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act covers consumer products, without any distinction as to whether the product is new or used. The product must simply be “tangible personal property which is distributed in commerce and which is normally used for personal, family, or household purposes.”110

Likewise, the UCC applies to the sale of both new and used goods. The definition of “goods” at section 2-105(1) makes no distinction between new and used goods. Nor do the Code’s warranty sections make any such distinction. Comment 3 to the section on implied warranty of merchantability, section 2-314, indicates that coverage of second-hand goods was contemplated: “A contract for the sale of second-hand goods, however, involves only such obligation as is appropriate to such goods for that is their contract description.”111

For these reasons virtually all courts considering the issue (usually in the context of used automobiles) have held that Article 2, and specifically the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose112 and the implied warranty of merchantability,113 apply to sales of used goods. The extent of the merchant’s obligation will vary depending on the circumstances.114

Alabama is the only state that takes a different view, holding that implied warranties do not arise in the sale of a used car.115 The state supreme court’s decisions involve only the implied warranty of merchantability, however. Alabama courts might take a different view of the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, because the seller makes that warranty by holding out that the goods are suitable for some known use on the part of the buyer.

Some Texas decisions had formerly held that implied warranties did not arise in the sale of used goods.116 These decisions ignored comment 3 to UCC § 2-314 even though Texas had adopted the official comments when it enacted the UCC.117 In 2014 the Texas Supreme Court resolved the issue, holding that the manufacturer’s implied warranties, unless properly disclaimed, extend to subsequent purchasers who buy goods secondhand.118 The court’s language clearly implies that the immediate seller of used goods is also subject to implied warranties.119


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