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1.2.3 UCC Article 2A

Every state except Louisiana has enacted UCC Article 2A, governing the relationship of lessor to lessee. Article 2A warranty provisions generally parallel those of Article 2, although Article 2A creates different warranty rights depending on whether the lessor helps the consumer select the goods or whether the lessor is unconnected to the sale.

For the most part, Article 2A specifies the warranty obligation of the lessor to the lessee, not the obligation of the manufacturer to the lessee. The consumer lessee’s warranty rights against the manufacturer and certain other parties will often still be governed by Article 2. The lessee’s warranty rights against the manufacturer derive from the lessor, whose rights in turn are based on a sale of the leased goods to the lessor. Article 2A warranty law is analyzed in Chapter 21, infra, and selected provisions and official comments are reprinted in Appendix E, infra.