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1.1.8 Other NCLC Treatises Useful for Warranty Cases

This treatise covers a number of claims that are available in warranty cases and examines a number of litigation issues. Some of these claims or litigation topics are examined in more detail in other NCLC treatises, as follows:

  • Automobile Fraud,9 covering lemon laundering, sale of vehicles with concealed wreck damage or an impaired title, failure to disclose prior use, odometer fraud, and yo-yo sales;
  • Repossessions,10 analyzing consumer claims and defenses when a vehicle, manufactured home, or other collateral is seized by a creditor;
  • Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices,11 addressing all aspects of deceptive practices claims, with decisions and analysis covering every state;
  • Truth in Lending,12 detailing disclosure requirements for credit transactions, including automobile sales financing, and the powerful remedies available for violations; the treatise also includes a chapter on the Consumer Leasing Act, including warranty disclosure requirements in consumer leases and remedies for violations;
  • Federal Deception Law13 includes a detailed analysis of the Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule and Holder Rule, both of which have significance in warranty litigation;
  • Consumer Arbitration Agreements14 is a comprehensive analysis of challenges to the enforceability of arbitration requirements, and also includes a chapter on how to conduct an arbitration proceeding;
  • Consumer Class Actions15 is a nuts and bolts guide showing how even a small law firm can bring a case on a classwide basis; and
  • Consumer Law Pleadings16 includes thousands of sample pleadings of varying types that can be adapted for use in actual cases; while the digital edition of this treatise includes access to a number of standard warranty pleadings, Consumer Law Pleadings covers other types of pleadings that may arise in a warranty case.