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1.1.6 Additional Pleadings, Primary Sources, and Practice Tools

The treatise’s digital edition also includes pleadings and discovery, practice tools, and primary sources that can easily be downloaded, emailed, and cut and pasted into documents. They are listed at the bottom of the digital table of contents found in the website’s left pane and are fully searchable. Search filters allow users to search only for pleadings, only for primary sources, or only for practice tools. Searching for pleadings is recommended using the Advanced Pleadings Search tool, found above the Search box.

A summary of available pleadings is found in Appendix J, infra: sample complaints, discovery, and trial documents such as voir dire, opening statements, outlines of a direct examination of the consumer’s expert witness, closing arguments, jury instructions, and verdict forms.

Practice tools include notice letters, sample notices of rejection, revocation and withholding payments, intake forms and interview sheets, contacts for motor vehicle and manufactured-home manufacturers, and other practice aids.

Primary sources include legislative and regulatory history and agency letters and opinions regarding the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) letters and interpretations of its Used Car Rule, legislative and regulatory materials concerning manufactured-home construction standards, and state attorney general advisory opinions concerning motor vehicle sales.