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1.1.5 The Appendices and Indices

The appendices reprint or summarize key warranty laws and contain various practice aids. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson-Moss rules, relevant sections of the federal National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act, and the Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule are reprinted in Appendices A–D, infra, respectively. Appendix E, infra, reprints relevant provisions from UCC Articles 1, 2, and 2A, with their official comments. Appendices F, G, and H, infra, are state-by-state summaries of lemon laws, service contract statutes, and warranty laws for new homes and condominiums, respectively. Appendix I, infra, contains a sample notice of rejection or revocation of acceptance and a notice of withholding of payments to offset the buyer’s damages. Appendix J, infra, summarizes the sample pleadings available in the digital edition of this treatise. Appendix K, infra, lists useful websites.

Both the digital and print editions include an index to the book.