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This edition builds on the nine prior editions and we continue to be indebted to all contributors to those prior editions, especially Joel Stein, author of the first edition, Dan Edelman, co-author of the second through fifth editions, Yvonne Rosmarin, co-author of the second and third editions, Jon Sheldon, co-author of the fourth edition and Arielle Cohen, co-author of the seventh and eighth editions. We are indebted to Julia Damasco, J.D., LL.M. Taxation and Nicholas Sanchez, J.D., LL.M. Taxation, of the accounting, class consulting, auditing, business management and tax firm of Miller Kaplan for their invaluable insights and suggestions regarding class settlements and attorney fee issues. Thanks to Jon Sheldon for his substantive contributions and to Jennifer Nelson, Ellis Heneghan, Mary Kingsley, and Emily Green Caplan for legal research and writing.

We also want to thank the National Association of Consumer Advocates for giving us permission to reprint its class action guidelines and the American Bar Association for granting permission to reprint its Survey of State Class Action Law.

We are especially grateful to Paige Miller for editorial supervision; Josh Ambre for editorial assistance; Allen Agnitti for cite checking; Shannon Halbrook for organizing the companion material; Scribe for typesetting and composition services; and iFactory and Codearium for designing and developing the website for the online version of this treatise.