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1.2.2 Digital and Print Versions

Credit Discrimination is available in both a print and digital version. Print revisions are released every few years and the digital version is updated more frequently, with all changes integrated into the text.

The digital version is available at It allows pinpoint searches of the book, easy navigation between subsections, and active links to external websites, other sections in the book and other National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) treatises. Material in the digital version can be copy and pasted, downloaded, printed, or emailed.

Selecting the “highlight updates” option at the top of the screen will highlight digital-only additions to the treatise since release of the print book. This option also shows, in curly brackets at the beginning of footnotes, the corresponding footnote number in the print book of a digital footnote. Red flags in the digital table of contents show significant law changes and blue flags show very recent updates. The digital version also allows users to annotate, highlight, and bookmark text for their own use.

Subscription options are available as either digital-only or print + digital. Subscribers to print + digital subscriptions receive, as part of their subscription price and at no additional charge, any revised print edition that is released during their subscription period.