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This treatise largely draws upon and supersedes NCLC’s The Cost of Credit. That work in turn drew heavily from Consumer Usury and Credit Overcharges (1982) and Usury and Consumer Credit Regulation (1989). Thus, the authors are indebted to Mark Leymaster, the author of the 1982 volume (who also contributed a credit math program included with the online version of this treatise), to Kathleen Keest and Kevin Brown for the 1989 volume, to Kathleen Keest for the first edition of The Cost of Credit, and to Elizabeth Renuart and Kathleen Keest for the second, third and fourth editions of The Cost of Credit. And of course, we are also indebted to the many people who contributed to all of those volumes—too many to list here.

Special thanks to Birny Birnbaum for substantive contributions; Margot Saunders for her substantive contributions; Michael Best of Consumer Federation of America for updating Chapter 15; Denise Lisio and Vivian Abraham for editorial supervision; Dorothy Tan, Emilio Englade, Janice Binder for editorial assistance; Allen Agnitti for cite checking; Marina Levy, Mary Kingsley, Emily Green Caplan, Kurt Terwilliger, and Allen Agnitti for legal research and writing; Shannon Halbrook for organizing the online companion materials; Mary McLean for indexing; Scribe for typesetting and composition services; and iFactory and Codearium for designing and developing the website for the online version of this treatise.