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1.1.5 Pleadings, Primary Sources, and Practice Tools

This online version of the treatise also includes pleadings and discovery, practice tools, and primary sources, that can easily be downloaded, emailed, and cut and pasted into documents. They are listed at the bottom of the table of contents found in the left pane and are fully searchable. Search filters allow users to search only for pleadings, only for primary sources, or only for practice tools. Searching for pleadings is recommended using the Advanced Pleadings Search tool, found above the Search box.

Practice tools include two different software programs to calculate APRs and create amortization tables. One is simpler to use, but is appropriate only for regular transactions or those with minimal irregular terms. The other program works for any irregularity.

The primary sources include scores of federal banking agency interpretations and federal statutes and regulations. The pleadings and discovery include sample complaints, discovery requests, affidavits, expert witness testimony, briefs, settlements, jury instructions, and additional pleadings. Most pleadings are available in Microsoft Word format. Over 2000 additional pleadings are available online at NCLC’s Consumer Law Pleadings.