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We would like to thank Chi Chi Wu for her work on the CFPB Prepaid Card Rule; Adam Levitin for his work on the Chapter 5, Electronic Fund Transfers; Michael Denham, Mary Kingsley, Emily Caplan, and Justin Horton for research and writing; and Drake Law School Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law Librarianship Rebecca Lutkenhaus and Drake Law School students Erica Liabo-VanDerPol, Caroline K. Bettis, Kelsey Clark, Joshua T. Cobie, Stephen A. Neve, Margret E. White, William Strong, Caitlin Kilburg, Brandon W. Lobberecht, Jacquelyn M. Jimenez, Mary Damstetter, Zachary S. Chizek, Raya D. Dimitrova, Parker R. Thirnbeck, Danya M. Hooker, and Ashley Cole for research assistance.

We are especially grateful to Dorothy Tan for editorial supervision; Fabiane Best for editorial assistance; Cleef Milien and Svetlana Ladan for assistance with diagrams; Shannon Halbrook for organizing online companion materials; Allen Agnitti for assistance with cite checking; Scribe for typesetting and composition services; and iFactory and Codearium for designing and implementing the website for the online version of this treatise.