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1.1.3 Payment Issues Discussed in Other NCLC Treatises

Some consumer issues relating to payments are discussed in other NCLC treatises.

NCLC’s Collection Actions1 considers bank account garnishments, including the Treasury rule limiting garnishment freezes on certain federal benefits in a bank account. Also covered are criminal and civil collection of dishonored checks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act’s applicability to bad-check and check approval lists is discussed in NCLC’s Fair Credit Reporting.2

NCLC’s Fair Debt Collection,3 discusses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act’s applicability to collection practices relating to bounced checks.

NCLC’s Consumer Credit Regulation,4 discusses payday loans and state laws governing loans based on the deferred presentment of a check.

NCLC’s Truth in Lending,5 covers credit card disclosures, rights to dispute credit card charges, and limitations on setoff to pay credit card charges.

NCLC’s Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices6 and Federal Deception Law,7 consider unfair, deceptive or abusive practices related to payment issues.

Finally, NCLC’s Mortgage Lending,8 covers the preemption of state laws generally (beyond mortgage lending) and NCLC’s Consumer Credit Regulation,9 covers the preemption of state laws regulating fees and interest rates.