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We want to especially thank Lynn Drysdale, Joanne S. Faulkner, and Richard Rubin for their many contributions to this and the prior editions. Thanks also to Stacy Bardo, Sharon Dietrich, Peter Holland, Steve Koval, Elizabeth Miller, Ken Quat, and to NCLC’s Jenifer Bosco, Robert J. Hobbs, and April Kuehnhoff for substantive contributions to this edition; Allen Agnitti for legal research; Dorothy Tan for editorial supervision; Emilio Englade and Shirlron Williams for editorial assistance; Shannon Halbrook for organizing the online companion materials; Scribe for composition services; and iFactory and Codearium for designing and implementing the website for the online version of this treatise.

Special thanks to Rhona Taylor, Nick Allen, Alex Kornya, and David Seligman for their substantive contributions to the chapter on criminal justice debt.