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About the Authors

Henry J. Sommer, author of all eleven editions of this title, is supervising attorney at the pro bono Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project in Philadelphia. Previously, he was the head of the Consumer Law Project at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, where he worked for over twenty-one years. He has also served as a lecturer-in-law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and is an adjunct professor at Temple University School of Law. He is editor in chief of Collier on Bankruptcy and the entire Collier line of bankruptcy publications published by Matthew Bender and Co. He is also the author of Consumer Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy (John Wiley & Sons, 1994), numerous articles on bankruptcy law, and co-author of Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code (Matthew Bender). He is a former member of the Federal Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules and the Federal Reserve Board Consumer Advisory Council. He is a past president of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and former chair of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference. He is president of the National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center, a member of the National Bankruptcy Conference, a Fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy, and a member of the American Law Institute. He was the first recipient of the Vern Countryman Consumer Law Award and has also received the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges’ Excellence in Education Award and the American College of Bankruptcy’s Distinguished Service Award.

John Rao, editor and contributing author, is an NCLC attorney with a focus on consumer bankruptcy, foreclosures, and credit law. He is co-author of Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing and Bankruptcy Basics. He is also a contributing author to Collier on Bankruptcy and the Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide. For eighteen years, he had a bankruptcy and consumer law focus at Rhode Island Legal Services and was a managing attorney there. He a board member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, a conferee of the National Bankruptcy Conference, a fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy, a member of the editorial board of Collier on Bankruptcy, and former board member for the American Bankruptcy Institute. He is a former member of the federal Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules, appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts in 2006.

Susan A. Schneider, contributing author for the family farmer bankruptcy chapter, is the William H. Enfield Professor of Law and director of the LL.M. Program in Agricultural and Food Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Her private practice and consultation experience include agricultural law work with firms in Minnesota, North Dakota and Washington, D.C. She served as a staff attorney at Farmer’s Legal Action Group, Inc. (FLAG), working on financial distress and farm bankruptcy issues and currently serves on the FLAG Board of Directors. She has published numerous articles on agricultural and food law subjects and authored the agricultural law casebook, Food Farming & Sustainability: Readings in Agricultural Law (Carolina Press, 2010). She was the 2010 recipient of the American Agricultural Law Association (AALA) Distinguished Service Award and the 2011 recipient of the AALA Professional Scholarship Award.

Tara Twomey, contributing author, is of counsel with NCLC. She was formerly a clinical instructor at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School and a lecturer-in-law at Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, and Boston College Law School. She is co-author of Bankruptcy Basics, Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing, and Mortgage Lending and a contributing author to Repossessions and Collier on Bankruptcy.

Geoff Walsh, contributing author for the consumers as creditors chapter, has been a legal services attorney for over twenty-five years. He is presently a staff attorney with NCLC, and before that he worked with the housing and consumer units of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia and was a staff attorney with Vermont Legal Aid in its Springfield, Vermont office. His practice has focused upon housing and bankruptcy issues. He is a co-author of Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing and a contributing author to this title and to Student Loan Law, Credit Discrimination, and Access to Utility Service.