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1.5.4 Reporting Services

Because much of the initial case law developed under the Code is found in decisions of the bankruptcy courts, which are not reported in the Federal Supplement or other standard reporters, and because federal district court bankruptcy decisions are no longer reported in the Federal Supplement, access to a bankruptcy reporting service is essential.155 Several competing services are available.

West Bankruptcy Reporter (B.R.). A product of the mammoth Thomson/West system, this reporter publishes full text opinions of the bankruptcy courts. It offers the advantage of being tied into the West Digest and the West keynote system. The weekly advance sheets also offer a newsletter of very recent cases and a bibliography of recent articles on bankruptcy.156 According to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation,157 the West Bankruptcy Reporter should be cited if a case is reported therein, with other reporting services cited only if a West reporter citation is not available.

Bankruptcy Court Decisions. Another full-text service, this publication contains analysis and background information from key bankruptcy decisions around the country. One useful feature is a table of cases based upon different sections of the statute. The service also includes a subscription to Bankruptcy Court Decisions Weekly News and Comment, a weekly newsletter that provides behind the scenes details of major cases along with other developments.158

Collier Bankruptcy Cases 2d (Collier Bankr. Cas. 2d (MB)). Another full-text service, similar to Bankruptcy Court Decisions, this reporter also appears biweekly but contains fewer decisions. Besides a table of cases keyed to statute sections and to Collier treatise sections, it also contains a useful Shepard’s-like citator for cases it reports.159

BNA Bankruptcy Law Reporter. This weekly newsletter does not contain full text opinions. It is often the most current journal and contains news articles about bankruptcy developments and pending legislation. A daily version is available through legal research services such as Westlaw and Lexis.160

Collier Bankruptcy Case Update. This newsletter is delivered weekly by e-mail or monthly in hard copy to its subscribers. It contains summaries of all recent bankruptcy decisions, helpfully organized by the Code sections to which they pertain.161

Consumer Bankruptcy Abstracts & Research. This monthly electronic newsletter discusses both published and unpublished bankruptcy court opinions. It offers subscribers access to a website with topical and circuit-by-circuit compilations of cases.162


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