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1.5.2 Rules Advisory Committee Notes

The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure were accompanied by advisory committee explanatory notes, as was each amendment to those rules. These notes are available online as companion material to this treatise and in a number of published versions of the rules132 and, like the legislative history, are the most authoritative explanation of the drafters’ intent. On questions of rule interpretation, therefore, they should be the first source consulted.


  • 132 {132} The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure are published as a part of the United States Code Annotated, and in paperbound form. Collier Pamphlets (2014 ed.) (three volumes, including Code, rules, and portable pamphlet). In addition to sections of the legislative history and the Rules Advisory Committee Notes, this edition now includes a brief editorial commentary on each Code section and rule as well as some case annotations and a smaller, portable version of the Code and rules. A one-volume compilation of the Code and rules, along with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence, is published by West Group Publishing Co. Norton Quick Reference (2014 ed.). A two-volume paperback version containing the Code, rules, forms and commentary is available from West Group. Norton Bankruptcy Code and Rules (2014 ed.). A smaller sized “Mini-Code” (2014 ed.) and “Mini-Rules” (2014 ed.) are available from AWHFY Publishing, 545 E. Cimarron St., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903. Some of these references are also published as eBooks, and the Bankruptcy Code and Rules are available as smartphone apps as well.