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Other statutory materials relevant to bankruptcy cases are found outside the Bankruptcy Code itself. Most importantly, the jurisdictional provisions relevant to bankruptcy are found in title 28 of the United States Code.73 Additionally, a small number of military and other government benefit programs now have their own bankruptcy provisions that have been codified with the program authorization rather than in the Bankruptcy Code itself.74 Similarly, some taxation provisions relevant to bankruptcy cases and debts discharged in bankruptcy are found in title 26, generally known as the Internal Revenue Code.75

Finally, some bankruptcy law, particularly portions of statutes that provide implementation dates, is not codified at all. These provisions can only be found by reviewing the enacted public laws themselves, relevant portions of which are included in Appendix A, infra.76

Throughout this treatise, full citation to this material is provided to the best source available. With few exceptions, relevant statutory material is also reprinted in Appendix A, infra.