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Consumer law questions on issues other than bankruptcy often arise in the context of a bankruptcy case. For example, bankruptcy clients are often the victims of debt collection abuses and may have causes of action to remedy those abuses. Similarly, creditor overcharges can often result in overstated claims. Many of these issues are covered at length in other books in the twenty-title NCLC consumer law series, including treatises on, for example, fair debt collection, fair credit reporting, mortgage servicing, foreclosures, repossessions, the cost of credit, truth in lending, access to utility service, student loans, arbitration agreements, unfair and deceptive practices, and automobile fraud.

NCLC also publishes an inexpensive guide for consumers, counselors and new attorneys titled Surviving Debt (2021). Along with many other chapters containing advise for families in financial trouble, the book includes two chapters on consumer bankruptcy—”Deciding Whether and When to File Bankruptcy” and “How the Bankruptcy Process Works.” For more information, see