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Highlight Updates This Treatise Does Not Contain Citations to Every Relevant Case

The number of reported cases on consumer bankruptcy issues has far outstripped the space in this treatise to catalogue them. The text of the treatise discusses a wide variety of issues that may arise in consumer cases. The footnotes contain case law that will serve as a starting point for research. We have attempted, whenever possible, to include the relevant court of appeals decisions on the topics discussed as well as other cases that support the arguments a consumer may wish to make. However, do not expect to find all relevant cases on any topic or cases in each jurisdiction. Further research into case law is likely to be necessary.

This treatise identifies arguments that support the consumer position on most issues. For this reason, the footnotes contain many more cases that provide support for the consumer debtor than cases that support creditors. However, when there are court of appeals cases on both sides of an issue, we have attempted to be inclusive.

Because many bankruptcy issues overlap more than one bankruptcy topic, this book contains many cross references. Careful attention to the cross references will often yield additional relevant case law. Other valuable research tools are discussed at the end of this Chapter.