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1.3.4 Pleadings, Primary Sources, and Practice Tools

The digital version of this treatise includes pleadings and discovery, practice tools, and primary sources, that can easily be downloaded, emailed, and cut and pasted into documents. They may be found using either the Companion Material tab found at the top of the left pane of any subsection in the treatise and are fully searchable. Search filters allow users to search only for pleadings, only for primary sources, or only for practice tools. Additional filters for each category of companion material allow one to further narrow a search with or without a search term.

The digital site includes approximately 200 pleadings and documents to use at every stage of a chapter 7, 12, or 13 bankruptcy. Most pleadings are available in Microsoft Word format and can also be viewed in PDF format. Over 2000 additional pleadings are available online at NCLC’s Consumer Law Pleadings.

Primary sources include legislative history of bankruptcy statutes, prior versions of the Bankruptcy Code, and descriptions of bankruptcy rules changes since 2000. Practice tools include a date calculator to compute key look-back dates, client questionnaires and handouts, and means test and other US Trustee resources.