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We first want to thank those who worked on prior editions for this title. In particular, thanks to Margot Saunders, who was an author of the first and second editions. Thanks also to Nancy Brockway, Jerold Oppenheim, Bruce Plenk, Helen Gonzales, Chi Chi Wu, Amy Marshall Mix, Phyllis Kimmel, Gary Klein, Mark Benson, Stacey Greenberg, Steve Patton, John Rao, Tony Rodriguez, Jonathan Sheldon, Stuart Rossman, Matthew Balotta, and James Diaz and others too numerous to list. We also appreciate Mike Hanley of the Greater Upstate Law Project (New York) and Mac McCreight of Greater Boston Legal Services for their careful review in past years of the chapter on utility allowances and their insights into the convoluted world of subsidized housing.

For this edition, we want to especially thank Robert McCreanor for his work on Chapter 6 (Grounds for Termination of Utility Service and Termination Protections). Thanks also to Allen Agnitti, Kurt Terwilliger, Mary Kingsley for legal research.

We are also grateful to Dorothy Tan for editorial supervision; Fabiane Best for editorial assistance; Shannon Halbrook for managing the online companion materials; Scribe for composition services; and iFactory and Codearium for developing the site for the online version of this treatise.