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"Every consumer lawyer's dream...the entire set of NCLC manuals! The guide to stopping cheaters and scammers in their tracks. The handbook on how to right wrongs. Directions on how to become a warrior for civil justice."  
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The Latest Articles from NCLC

Read NCLC's analysis of the latest changes to consumer law and their practice implications.

New Angles in Challenging Rent-a-Bank Schemes

Predatory lenders use rent-a-bank schemes to avoid the consumer’s home state usury limits by piggybacking onto federal rate exportation rights available only to banks. This article explains how banks and others participating in a rent-a-bank scheme could be in for a big surprise. They may not be immune from the consumer’s home state regulation of matters other than the actual interest rate, leading to powerful consumer remedies.

Protecting Awards for Named Plaintiffs; Other Class Action Practice Tips

This article provides practical steps to respond to an Eleventh Circuit ruling prohibiting extra recoveries for class representatives—a ruling that can cause havoc with prosecution of consumer class actions. The article also explains how to use the Supreme Court’s Ramirez case to breathe new life into state court class actions and highlights available practice tools from today’s most successful consumer class action practitioners.

Year-End Review of 2022 FDCPA Appellate Decisions

This article summarizes all 2022 FDCPA published circuit court of appeals decisions. Of special note are seven decisions on constitutional standing. Other topics include the unsophisticated consumer standard, attorney fees, the bona fide error defense, FDCPA intersection with TILA, FDCPA scope, third-party communications, FDCPA claims based on state law, and sanctions.

New Process to Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy

New federal Guidance should make it far easier to obtain a bankruptcy discharge of student loans. Completing a simple Attestation Form may lead to an agreement to settle the debtor’s undue hardship discharge proceeding. This article explains the new Guidance’s significance, scope, and limits, and then sets out in 10 steps the process to complete the Attestation Form and seek a discharge of student loans.

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Surviving Debt: 2023 Edition


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NCLC's best selling guide for consumers and counselors managing debt, updated for 2021. 

HUD Housing Programs: Tenants' Rights (The Green Book)


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National Housing Law Project's quintessential guide to understanding HUD’s housing programs. The Green Book’s treasury of information is the product of over 50 years of legal experience specifically focused on HUD housing law, decades of successful high-impact litigation, and a deep understanding of intricate federal housing policy.