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Guide to the Rights of Domestic Violence Survivors

2006 1st Ed. 978-1-93169-797-2

Abuse survivors have financial as well as physical and emotional concerns—they may be left with no income and a stack of unpaid bills that ruin their credit rating and that lead to collection harassment and lawsuits. Financial stress may lead the survivor to return to the abuser or become vulnerable to predatory loans, rip-off car sales, and overpriced child support collection offers.

This guide assists survivors with practical and precise advice from the nation’s consumer law experts on such diverse topics as:

  • Which debts to pay first
  • Stopping debt collection harassment
  • Credit reporting and the effect of the abuser’s credit history
  • Joint debts, credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts
  • Identity theft by the abuser
  • Using civil protection orders for economic redress
  • Crime victim compensation funds
  • Child support and private child support collection agencies
  • Quickie foreign divorce scams
  • Federal tax issues for survivors
  • Bankruptcy—filed by the abuser or the survivor
  • Driver licenses and address confidentiality
  • Utility bills, student loans, loans to avoid, and much more

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